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Single Ply roofs are most often used on residential homes or buildings where the slope of the roof is relatively low. In the past only rubberized black torch down roofs were used on flatter surfaces however, because of advances in technology, we now use a wide variety of different materials on low sloped roofs. CR Master Roofing are Certified installers for Polyglass Q single ply torch-down roofing membranes, GAF Materials Everguard TPO and Freedom PVC, and
Versico® TPO and PVC single ply roofing membranes.


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CR Master Roofing is your Seattle area expert in PVC, IB & flat roof installation and repairs. We offer a variety of flat roof solutions from the top industry manufacturers and have years of proven experience in flat roof installation throughout the Bellevue, Sammamish, Everett, Kirkland and Renton areas.

PVC is a roof membrane composed of only one layer of material, polyvinyl chloride. PVC roofs are specially designed to withstand ponding water- PVC is welded together with hot air (no open flame) to eliminate all seams so moisture can not pass through. PVC roofing systems also reflect nearly 90% of the heat of the sun, thus lowering energy costs substantially, especially in high-heat areas.

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