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Slate is the most beautiful and durable roofing material known to man. For centuries, it’s been the roofing material of choice for the world’s greatest buildings. In fact, some slate roofs have lasted for literally hundreds of years, enduring all of the ravages that Mother Nature could throw at them. CR Master Roofing has been your trusted Truslate roofing specialist for installations and repairs in the Greater Seattle, Bellevue and Everett areas for years.


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Seattle TruSlate™ Roofing Services

CR Master roofing specializes in Truslate roof installation, re roofs, and roofing repairs around the Seattle area. GAF TruSlate is truly a slate roof that overcomes the difficulties of traditional slate roofs, too heavy for the framing of the house to support and too expensive. The unique installation system eliminates the need for the part of the slate that doesn’t show. On an old-fashioned slate roof, half of each slate is never seen, because it’s tucked under the piece above it. This wasted slate is replaced with a high-tech waterproofing material. With this ingenious design, the TruSlate™ system can be installed on almost any roof. It puts less weight on your roof and is only a fraction of the cost of an old-fashioned slate roof. Our specialists are Truslate roofing experts no matter where you are in the Seattle area, from Everett to Sammamish, Redmond to Renton, and Bothell to Kirkland. Call us today to talk about your roofing project!

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